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NYC: Upper West Side: NYC Manhattan Area (or close to Manhattan in BK)

Gender F for M,F
Available Sep 01, 2017
Rent $750
Posted Aug 31, 2017 by Monica
Details Hi! I'm looking to move in with Jewish roommates in NYC. I currently work by Union Square and live in Harlem. I love where I live, but I miss having a Jewish community so I'm hoping to find some people I can share some Shabbat meals with and reconnect with my Judaism. I grew up conservative but went to a very orthodox yeshiva in grade school (think Lakewood, NJ), so I'm able to live in an SS/SK apartment easily. I'm not personally Shomer Shabbat, but I am very Shabbat respectful. I am also ok with a non-kosher kitchen, ideally it's a vegetarian one, but I'm flexible. I'm neat, easy-going, I do my dishes and pitch in with cleaning around the house, and I'd like to think I'm fun to be around :). Please reach out if you have any availability! -Monica
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