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NYC: Upper East Side: carnegie hill/central park

Gender F for F
Available Jan 15, 2018
Rent $2000
Posted Nov 18, 2017 by Grace
Details HI, I am in the process of converting to Judaism and would like room with a female, who is religious/observant but not ultra conservative. Hopefully, if I share enough about me, it will help you decide if we are a good match to room together. So far, I've only lived in Brooklyn and Staten Island and commuted to Manhattan for work. Right now, I work full-time in midtown Manhattan. During the week, I usually spend evenings at home...reading, watching TV, arts/crafts, or just relaxing. I love most types of music...just don't like rap, hard rock; I do love country music, opera, strings... On the weekend, I love being in Central Park, exploring Manhattan, etc. I do not smoke or drink alcohol; if you drink alcohol, that's fine but, if you smoke, we are not a good match. If I room with someone, I would not have overnight male guests and want same agreement from my roommate. Although I am a mature woman, I am not looking to interfere in anyone's life and/or be judgmental of someone younger than me. I have many nieces and nephews in their 30s with whom I have a great time plus I have several friends in their late 30s whose company I enjoy immensely. As such, I'm okay with anyone who is 30+ with a full-time job, that is, if you are okay with rooming with someone older. It would be great if you are observant of Jewish high holiday days, Shabbat, etc. without being ultra conservative; simply by observing, this would help with my learning the full cycle, prayers, and customs. When I selected 'Shabbat Respectful' in relation to Shabbat Observance, I did so because I am still learning how to go about doing this and did not want to be misleading. My preference is to find a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment with laundry in-unit which is in/close to Carnegie Hill/Central Park. I am open to sharing a bathroom as I am clean/neat and hope you are too. With regard to rent, I would prefer to pay no more than $2,000 but am able to go to $2300 for my 50/50 share of a great apartment. Hope to hear from you. Grace
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